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 A place of fantasy. A place of dreams. It’s a place where you can buy happiness in a cardboard box, find romance inside a Jumbotron and risk life and death juggling razor-sharp knives.

In H@PPYVILLE you can grow a new pair of hands, communicate without speaking a word and hunt an evil house cat who delivers body parts via FedEx.  It’s hilarious and high-tech, magical and musical, beautiful and touching. H@PPYVILLE is an alternate universe of special effects that tickles the funny bone of both young and old.

Set to the soundtrack of our lives, H@PPYVILLE Is packed with eye-popping vaudevillian feats and spectacular technology so hysterical you can’t help but blurt out, “Wait, WTF? How did that happen? THAT’S AWESOME!”



- Howie Mandel

America's Got Talent

"Visually stunning!

Gut-achingly funny!"

- The Aurora Sentinel

"An extraordinary theatre experience."

- The Denver Post

"Consistently clever and laugh out loud funny."

- St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Ridiculous, inventive and yet, oddly old-school fun all at once."

- The Denver Post



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Ames Center

Burnsville, Minnesota

Avenue Theater

Denver, Colorado

Millibo Art Theatre

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Temporary

Basalt, Colorado

FLC Mainstage Theatre

Durango, Colorado

The Playhouse at Westport Plaza

St. Louis, Missouri

Pikes Peak Center

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Breckenridge Backstage Theatre

Breckenridge, Colorado

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Pueblo, Colorado

Aurora Fox Theatre

Aurora, Colorado



Dave HS.png
DAVE SHIRLEY - Performer, writer
Dave is a comedian who doesn’t tell jokes. He does a whole lot more. He began as a teenager busking in the streets eating fire, regurgitating burnt razor blades and blowing smoke into square shaped bubbles. As long as it was peculiar and entertaining, like picking a politician’s pockets or levitating dead puppets, he did it.
To hone his unique humor, he gravitated towards improvisation and sketch comedy by creating the Rattlebrain Theater Co in Denver, Colorado. As artistic director and head writer he produced years of critically acclaimed and widely popular music and comedy revues.
After being discovered by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, his most memorable bits have now been seen and applauded by millions. As a finalist he proved that comedy can go far beyond standing on a stage with a microphone. It can be captured by your eyes, processed through your id and injected straight into your funny bone. 
ROBERT DUBAC - Director, writer

Robert draws on decades of showbiz experience as a writer, actor and stand-up comic to create solo shows that explore social mores, political ideas and the complexity of the human experience with unparalleled humor that is both intelligent and absurd.  


He belongs to a unique breed of humorists, bringing to mind the best of Lily Tomlin and Mark Twain, creating characters that boggle our minds with biting wit and rapid-fire satire while simultaneously crafting a simple story that binds us all together. His ability to combine the raucous laughter of stand-up comedy with the startling thrill of live theater continues to fill seats everywhere; as nothing like this can be seen on TV.

Robert can be seen performing his award winning solo shows THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON?, THE BOOK OF MORON and STAND-UP JESUS in theaters all over the world. 


Contact - 303-218-7315


Rattlebrain Productions LLC

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